WellBrain, a mindfulness and behavioral health platform, announces a strategic partnership with BlueJay Mobile, a telemedicine and medication adherence platform.

The partnership is based upon principles of integrated digital healthcare and provides a unique holistic approach to managing patients with chronic pain.

“Adding virtual physical therapy and home exercise programs to the existing pain management technologies will bring a powerful integrated solution to patients suffering chronic pain.”

— Tony Zhang, PhD, CEO of BlueJay Mobile Health

The WellBrain platform was founded on multiple pillars of evidence-based care; clinically validated assessments, mindfulness, sleep, mood, and much more while BlueJay Mobile’s mission is to advance the healthcare industry with digitized solutions to treat patients with disorders such as musculoskeletal and neurological pain, movement impairment, and other chronic conditions.

“Combining behavioral health tracking, customized mindfulness, and home exercise program recommendations, physicians can now leverage highly focused, easy to use and mobile trackable physical therapy activities that patients can do at home.”

— Sumeet Maniar, CEO at WellBrain

As each patient is unique, the joint venture could yield tremendous success. With access to all non-opiate modalities, it offers a comprehensive patient engagement and care coordination platform which allows providers to personalize and customize care all via smartphones, desktop, and iPad.

Given the overall scale and impact of chronic pain and opioid misuse in the US, it is clear that a multimodal, multidisciplinary approach to treating pain is even more important than past developments in medicine over the past years. 

Alternative pain treatments are relatively young as a field, and the partnership encompasses mindfulness, behavioral health integration, virtual physical therapy, and exercise programs to fight against the rising concerns of lost life due to inaccurate treatment.

[Source: WellBrain]