The 5th Annual Brain Health Summit, set to take place during Leigh Steinberg’s 31st Anniversary Party at Super Bowl 52, will bring important voices in sports, military, and women’s health to discuss the future of brain injuries as they impact women and families.

The Brain Treatment Foundation (BTF), along with its awareness and advocacy arm, the Global Brain Health Coalition (GBHC), are hosting the summit.

Speakers will include Leigh Steinberg; former NFL quarterback Gus Frerotte; wife of the late Dave Duerson Alicia Duerson; Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz; professional soccer player Rianne Schorel; chairman, CEO and founder of Athersys Dr Gil Van Bokkelen; patient, provider, and concussion expert Dr Jessica Schwartz; veteran Jackie Garrick; professional surfer Harley Taich; and Pink Concussions founder Katherine Snedaker.

As part of the Brain Treatment Foundation, the mission of GBHC is, “To become the leading global voice for brain health awareness and empowerment by converging science, clinical research and impact.”

Further, according to Executive Director Nicole Fisher, in a media release, “As a Coalition, our goal is to create a space where all the various stakeholders and voices can converge to collaborate, share groundbreaking ideas, agree upon best practices, and facilitate treatment for those in need.”

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