The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) announces the launch of the Ultimate MS Treatment Guide – a unique and comprehensive tool to help people with multiple sclerosis learn about the different FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies. This online resource for the MS community has been developed by MSAA in collaboration with Wondros, a global creative agency.

For those with MS, determining which disease-modifying therapy one should choose can be a complicated process. The Ultimate MS Treatment Guide is designed to provide the MS community with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tool for understanding, comparing, and ultimately selecting the most appropriate disease-modifying treatment, in conjunction with one’s physician.

The Ultimate MS Treatment Guide provides detailed information about each disease-modifying therapy, including a Quick Facts section; the type of MS for which each treatment is FDA-approved; the mechanism of action for each treatment; potential benefits; and possible side effects. Additional features of this innovative tool include a user-friendly comparison option, allowing one to easily select two or more treatments and, with the click of a button, view side-by-side charts outlining the specifics for each medication.   

Educational videos from leading healthcare professionals accompany each treatment-specific webpage, allowing viewers to hear directly from an expert in the field of multiple sclerosis. Another unique and meaningful feature of the Ultimate MS Treatment Guide includes videos from patient advocates discussing topics such as starting a disease-modifying therapy, having to change therapies, the importance of advocating for oneself, and helpful tips to manage one’s MS, among other important topics.  

“We are fortunate to have a significant number of FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies available for the MS community, yet at the same time, determining the right treatment option can be a very complicated and overwhelming experience,” says Gina Ross Murdoch, MSAA President and CEO. “We are proud to offer the Ultimate MS Treatment Guide to help people with MS navigate the complex landscape of MS, along with their physician, as part of the shared decision-making process. Having an online tool to access the many details associated with each treatment, in addition to videos from healthcare professionals and patient advocates, provides the MS community with another resource to help improve lives today.”  

MSAA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barry Hendin has played a critical role in the development of this very special online tool and is enthusiastic about the many benefits it provides. “I personally have never seen an online tool that so easily presents each FDA-approved treatment for MS,” Dr. Hendin explains. “As a neurologist who specializes in MS, I am keenly aware of the complexities involved with choosing the right disease-modifying therapy for individuals with MS. Known as shared decision-making, we now are in a time when the patient and the doctor work together in learning about and selecting the best treatment option – taking many factors into account such as route and frequency of administration, benefits versus risks, plus lifestyle and personal preferences. MSAA’s Ultimate MS Treatment Guide is an innovative tool that will be of tremendous assistance to both doctors and patients alike.”

[Source(s): Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, PR Newswire]