PHOTO CAPTION: (left to right) Kent S. Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO, Foot Levelers; Joyce Reed, Assistant Secretary of Administration; Winsome Earle-Sears, Lt Governor of Virginia; Julianne Condrey, Chief of Staff for Lt Governor; Jamie Greenawalt, Sr Vice President of Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers, the world’s leading provider of hand-crafted custom, flexible orthotics serving multi-disciplinary professionals and clinicians, hosted a gala this week at their Roanoke, Virginia headquarters where Virginia’s esteemed Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears celebrated the Company’s 70th anniversary, providing commentary and praise for one of Virginia’s most outstanding corporate citizens.

Kent S. Greenawalt, chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, greeted the Lt. Governor and introduced her to a cheering crowd of colleagues, friends and business associates who traveled from distances as far as South and Central America and other parts of the world to attend the celebration.

Welcoming the guests, Lt. Governor Sears said, “I am delighted to be here and honor Foot Levelers on its 70th anniversary. Their business has thrived largely due to covenant – not contractual – relationships, where people, not products, are the priority. If you care about people, the way that they do, success will follow.”

She indicated her intention to sponsor a bill addressing maternal health during her time as Lieutenant Governor, adding, “I wanted to make a special note of appreciation for the Foot Levelers’ Mother Nurture product designed to support women during pregnancy.”

Lt. Governor Sears also acknowledged the leadership team, “As Foot Levelers goes into its third generation of leadership, with Jamie Greenawalt now in the role of Senior Vice President, the Company is in good hands. Leadership is something that is modeled after something that you do, not simply say. Virginia is fortunate to be the home of such an outstanding organization, and I personally wish them well going forward.”

Kent S. Greenawalt, chairman and CEO, addressed the crowd of well-wishers, sharing, “I am truly grateful to Governor Youngkin for allowing Lt. Governor Sears and her Chief of Staff Julianne Condrey to share in the celebration of this momentous event in the history of our Company.”

Greenawalt continues, “Lt. Governor Sears is spot-on highlighting the importance of having a dedicated team with the people we serve being the priority. Our team wakes up every day knowing what a difference our products make in the lives of patients and it’s a motivator to us all. We provide a whole-body wellness solution for living a pain-free, active life and never take for granted the millions of people we support.”

Greenawalt points to Virginia as an ideal location for Foot Levelers since the Company moved there in 1987, thanks to its ease of serving global markets, access to top talent, and growing economy.

“We look forward to continued success in decades to come,” he concludes.

[Source(s): Foot Levelers, Business Wire]

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