War veteran and orthopedic surgeon Dr Meredith Warner designs The Healing Sole flip-flops as a way to help people self-treat plantar fasciitis without, she suggests, physical therapy, injections, orthotics, and surgery.

“The Healing Sole was designed to enable the patient to self treat in an affordable manner,” says Warner, in a media release. “People love flip-flops and rarely get to wear them when they have foot pain. Putting the treatment into the form of a flip-flop not only alleviates the condition, but also increases wearability.”

The Healing Sole features a raised to lift to stretch the wearers’ PF, raised arch support to help reduce stress on the joints and pressure off the balls of the foot, a compressible inner heel to reduce pressure on the heel, a non-compressible outer heel to allow for normal foot strike, and a rocker bottom sole to help reduce muscle tension while in motion.

“Most everything else out there on the market is a very soft shoe with large arch support, which I don’t think does anything for foot health long-term. This lets the body heal itself,” Warner adds.

For more information, visit The Healing Sole.

[Source(s): The Healing Sole, PRWeb]