National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) announces that its Women’s Fitness Specialization program has been updated with the latest science on women’s health and fitness. This update will allow fitness professionals to design and adjust fitness programming for female clients across their unique life stages and associated physical changes – from adolescence to pregnancy and postnatal needs, to considerations of those in perimenopause and post-menopause stages.

Our mission is to enable trainers and fitness instructors with the best knowledge and tools to help their clients live healthier and happier lives,” said Laurie McCartney, president of Ascend Learning’s Fitness and Wellness brands, including NASM. “Since approximately 69% of all personal training clients are female, it is essential that fitness professionals understand the impact hormonal stages have on women’s health and their fitness journeys. This interactive program arms them with the information needed to improve client results and increase their client retention.”

The specialization covers women’s health stages and how those affect their ​​neuromuscular, skeletal, cardiorespiratory, and endocrine systems, as well as hormone management, different training modalities, and nutrition. It also gives trainers insights into how to conduct a fitness assessment and psychological elements to consider when working with women in a health and fitness setting.

The online study materials, which resemble an interactive e-book, consist of a variety of study aids, including interview videos with the authors, an interactive glossary, pdf handouts, chapter quizzes, and a comprehensive practice exam.

“Traditional fitness programs evolved from bodybuilding and sports competition that neglected a woman’s various life stages,” said NASM’s Senior Content Development and Production Manager, Brian Sutton. “The update to the Women’s Fitness Specialization program combines the most up-to-date and innovative female-focused research to empower fitness professionals to cater fitness training for female clients of any age, fitness level, and wellness aspirations.”

[Source(s): National Academy of Sports Medicine, Business Wire]