The KneeKG, available from Montreal-based Emovi inc, is an in-clinic diagnostic tool designed to replace MRI as a way to evaluate knee function deficiencies.

It is used as part of a Knee Kinesiography exam, which is performed in a physical therapy clinic to assess complete movement of patients’ knees (flexion/extension, rotation (internal and external) and abduction/adduction) while the patient is walking on a conventional treadmill.

The computerized assessment, which is to the knee what an electocardiogram is to the heart, provides data about dynamic alignment and other mechanical deficits to help understand knee pain and symptoms. The exam provides insight into the causes of knee symptoms in patients with knee osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, anterior knee pain and other forms of knee problems, including residual pain postsurgery.

The increased understanding of knee issues has been proven to increase adherence and compliance in care management plans, reduce pain, and increase function.

Knee Kinesiography can also be used for athletes to understand mechanical deficits that may impact their performance level and risks of potential injuries.

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[Source: Penman PR]