Athletico announces the adoption of digital workplace platform YOOBIC to streamline communications and standardize operating procedures, and power its continued expansion, according to a media release.

YOOBIC is a unified, easy-to-use mobile app that clinical staff can access anytime, anywhere, to ensure they can deliver consistent operational excellence and optimal patient care.

With Athletico’s growth and market expansion aspirations, YOOBIC’s digital task management and communication solutions aim to help deliver consistent operational excellence and empower clinic staff to optimize patient care. 

YOOBIC’s solution allows Athletico to scale up efficiently by streamlining communications, standardizing operating procedures, and clarifying priorities in a unified, easy-to-use mobile app that clinical staff can access anytime, anywhere. Both Field and Corporate-based teams can now use YOOBIC to easily administer tasks and send tailored messages tailored to the right team at the right time, all while having centralized visibility into execution progress to ensure compliance, consistency, and continuous improvement.     

Athletico is also leveraging YOOBIC’s mobile communications tools to empower and engage clinic staff by keeping everyone updated in real time about new policies, strategies and patient offerings, the release explains.

“At Athletico, we’re committed to patient experience and satisfaction — and we know that achieving excellence depends on the efforts of our amazing frontline clinic staff, especially as we continue to grow. With YOOBIC’s mobile platform, we are creating more efficient operational capabilities that engage and empower clinic employees, giving them the tools they need to deliver best-in-class patient service.” 

— Skip Bourdo, Athletico COO

“It’s an honor to partner with Athletico — a forward-thinking industry leader that puts employee and patient experience first. We look forward to supporting Athletico’s rapid expansion with our mobile workplace platform, ensuring HQ can connect seamlessly with hundreds of clinics and thousands of employees all from a single, intuitive app.”  

— Fabrice Haiat, CEO and co-founder at YOOBIC

[Source(s): YOOBIC, PR Newswire]

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