WebPT announces the debut of WebPT Outcomes, a patient tracking and analysis platform.

Built-in outcome measurement tools collect data. From this data, WebPT Outcomes generates visual reports and comparative summaries that analyze performance at the patient, therapist, clinic, and company levels. These reports enable therapists to demonstrate their value to payors, referring physicians, and consumers, explains a media release from Phoenix-headquartered WebPT.

“Payors aren’t interested in subjective arguments about the value therapists bring to the table,” says Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC/L, WebPT’s founder and president, regarding the importance of patient tracking and outcomes data, in the release.

“They’re interested in data, and that’s why outcomes tracking will prove mission-critical to the success and viability of all healthcare practices in the coming months and years.”

Jannenga adds in the release that the WebPT library of outcomes measures includes evidence-based tests that are already familiar to the healthcare community at large.

Additionally, according to the release, all WebPT Outcomes OMTs are risk-adjusted for complicating factors such as age, weight, litigation, diabetes, cancer and heart disease, thus allowing for accurate comparison of different types of patients. Currently, those tools include Quick DASH, Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS), Oswestry, Neck Disability Index and Dizziness Handicap Inventory.

For more information, visit WebPT.

[Source(s): WebPT, Business Wire]