The kyBounder, available through kybun AG, is designed to provide a soft surface that encourages strengthening of the muscles in the feet, legs, and trunk. The website notes that the soft, springy mat can be used in therapy and is built to improve balance, coordination, and all-around fitness.

The site notes that the product can also be used to exercise muscles, relax the back, improve posture, and reduce fatigue at work, at home, at school, or in sport. The kyBounder offers varying thickness, with 2 centimeters for therapy and rehabilitation (learning to walk again), and kyBounder 4 centimeters for individuals with balance disorders, older adults, children, and individuals with injuries. The kyBounder 6 centimeters can be utilized for general everyday uses such as exercising, at home, or in the office.

According to the site, the thicker the kyBounder, the more intensive the exercise will be.

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[Source: kybun AG]