Medical device manufacturer medi USA introduces the Gemumedi PSS knee support, designed to help treat knee pain caused by patella tip syndrome (jumper’s knee).

Gemumedi PSS features an integrated patellar tendon strap to help relieve tension on the insertions of the patellar ligament to relieve pain at the tip of the kneecap for reliable guidance and stabilization of the knee joint.

It also features a two-part pad system for easy patellar guidance and reduction of pressure and tension at the tip of the patella, according to a media release from medi USA.

Additional features, according to the company, include medi compression to stabilize and support the knee joint; a customizable patellar strap for the patellar tendon; a comfort zone that prevents binding behind the knee; a non-slip silicone top band to prevent slipping; and latex-free, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric in its construction.

For more information, visit medi USA.

[Source(s): medi USA, PR Newswire]