The next generation of the EYE-SYNC eye tracking solution to diagnose concussion or brain injury features a new cloud-connected, HIPAA-compliant analytics platform, according to SyncThink.

The eye tracking, virtual reality tool is designed to assess ocular-motor synchronization and vestibular balance dysfunction. The analytics platform is engineered to identify issues in those areas, and delivers results in less than 60 seconds.

“Concussion is the most under-reported, underdiagnosed, and underestimated type of brain trauma. There is no universally accepted, evidence-based definition of concussion, and that’s the reason EYE-SYNC is so important to the health of athletes, soldiers, and patients alike,” says Ernest Santin, CEO of Boston-headquartered SyncThink, in a media release.

“The EYE-SYNC technology works as a method of surveillance, assessment, and recovery to reduce the risk of injury for those in all walks of life. There is no way to cheat this technology to convince medical professionals that you aren’t injured when you are, and that’s a giant step to making athletes safer,” states Dr Jamshid Ghajar, Stanford University Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, chief scientific adviser and founder of SyncThink, in the release.

“We have to be able to access objective information to make clinical decisions regarding brain health, and this next generation of EYE-SYNC delivers just that,” he adds.

Users of the first-generation EYE-SYNC technology will receive the updated solution as well as training and hands-on support.

[Source: SyncThink]