Southpaw Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio, markets the Bounce Path System, which is a series of paths that are designed to train users’ coordination, dynamic balance and motor planning, postural control, and strength.

This system is intended to enable therapists to facilitate patients’ muscle control and balance-righting reactions to enhance mobility training and functional muscle retraining in the lower extremities.

Included in the system are one short, straight path (40″L x 4″W x 6.5″H); one long, straight path (59″L x 14″W x 6.5″H); one offset “S” path (59″L x 14″W x 6.5″H); and two corner paths (59″L x 14″W x 6.5″H each).

The paths can be combined, or therapists can create their own pathway to fit their clients’ needs.

Each path is covered with a textured, non-skid surface for safety, and their heavy-duty springs are covered with vinyl to prevent pinched fingers.

Carpets for each piece of the bounce path, which offer extra tactile input for bare feet, are optional and sold separately.

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[Source: Southpaw Enterprises]