The DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System from DJO Global, Vista, Calif, is built to provide symptomatic pain relief of patellofemoral dysfunction including lateral subluxation/dislocation, lateral mal-tracking and pantellar tendonitis.

The product features a bifurcated, elastometric strap designed to dynamically pull the patella as the knee extends. The Tru-Pull System also features two buttresses (.25 inches and .375 inches) included, which can be trimmed to provide superior, inferior, and lateral patellar stabilization. Additionally, the company website notes that independent anchors prevent brace rotation.

The product’s breathable material is made to make the brace light and comfortable. The Tru-Pull System also comes in versions with and without popliteal cutout for patient preference. Its hinged version, the site says, offers medial/lateral support and flexion/extension control.

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[Source: DJO Global]