Each purchase of the Why You Hurt: Therapeutic Neuroscience Education System by Adriaan Louw, and offered by OPTP, now comes with a digital version.

According to the Minneapolis-based company, within each purchase of the printed version is an insert instructing users how to perform a one-time download of the electronic file that can be easily delivered to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The Why You Hurt system, a valuable too for clinicians teaching their patients about pain, is composed of illustrated flashcards, discussion topics, teaching cues and homework sessions. It features 14 in-depth sections including “Pain Knowledge,” “Sensitive Nerves,” “Emotions and Pain,” and more.

The system works in concert with the entire family of pain education products by Louw; the Why Do I Hurt? patient education book, Why Do I Hurt? Workbook and Pain Neuroscience Posters, all of which are available exclusively from OPTP, per a media release.

[Source: OPTP]