Fitterfirst Soft Boards available through Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst), Tempe, Ariz, target balance training, with a design intended to create the sensation of floating on a cushion of air, while also providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The company notes on its website that the movement sensation is intended to allow users to safely achieve improved balance, coordination and agility, while increasing ankle and lower leg strength.

The site adds that Soft Boards can be used for advanced balance training to enhance sport performance or shorten recovery times. The products are available in three different styles built to provide a variety of difficulty level options including Beginner, Rocker, and Advanced. Features non-skid material, the site notes, and non-marking base for use on hardwood floors. Surface area allows for a range of foot, hand, or seated options.

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[Source: Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst)]