Excy announces the availability of its new XCS 200 Series full body portable exercise bike and upper body ergometer, which is built to provide 2 to 70 pounds of resistance and is designed to offer a variety of versatile uses for full-body training and rehab.

The XCS is designed to turn any chair into a recumbent exercise bike or upper body ergometer. Additional features include a revamped Android app enabling on-demand coaching and results tracking, a new stand-up unicycle experience, as well as adjustable heights for desk cycling, according to the company in a media release.

In addition, the ExcyLIVE live streaming site gives users the opportunity to participate in live streaming challenges; and enables physical therapists, doctors, personal trainers, and other users to share tips directly on the Excy website and across social media, according to a media release from Excy.

“New and old injuries, disease diagnosis, or living with limited mobility, combined with today’s busy way of life makes getting enough exercise challenging for most,” said Michele Mehl, founder and CEO of Excy, in the release. “So we set out to turn ordinary moments that are typically inactive into fun opportunities for high quality exercise in a highly convenient and efficient way. That could mean full body strength training during your favorite Netflix binge with the family, quick intense high resistance interval bursts at your desk, or spinning from a hotel room while traveling.”

[Source(s): Excy, PRWeb]