Los Angeles-based startup FocusMotion demonstrated its motion tracking technology recently during Los Angeles Dodger Accelerator Demo Day.

The company, one of 10 selected to participate, notes in a media release that it has launched a pilot program with the LA Dodgers to examine the ways in which motion tracking can help positively impact athlete training and recovery.

“The implications of wearable technology for fitness are exciting, but they only scratch the surface of what’s possible,” says Cavan Canavan, co-founder and CEO of FocusMotion, in the release.

“We aim to push even further into the frontier and broaden the wearable market. For instance, we are examining how our algorithms can assist in physical therapy, helping patients rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries from home. We’re also looking at solutions that monitor a worker who lifts boxes on a factory floor in order to reduce workplace injuries,” he adds.

On that end, according to the release, FocusMotion has partnered with Reflexion Health and FORCE Therapeutics to explore motion tracking in physical therapy. FocusMotion will work to identify and track lower body movements, in particular, to aid in physical therapy.

Additionally, the release states, FocusMotion has partnered with Kinetic and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), on a funded study that may lead to the development of a wearable system for identifying multiple low back pain risk factors associated with manual lifting tasks performed in the manufacturing sector.

For more information, visit FocusMotion.

[Source(s): FocusMotion, Business Wire]