NEOFECT’s Smart Board for Home NextGen recently received the “Best New Technology Solution – Therapeutic” MedTech Breakthrough Award in the Medical Device category for 2019.
This marks the second year in a row that MedTech has honored the med-tech company that makes gamified rehabilitation solutions for stroke recovery. Last year, NEOFECT’s Smart Glove won the “Innovation in Healthcare Wearables” award.

The Smart Board for Home NextGen is designed to encourage patients to play real-world-task games that simultaneously help them recover function in their hand and upper arm. The device has a 32-inch tabletop board that’s connected via Bluetooth to a screen where patients’ movements are mimicked in real time.

“For patients with limited arm mobility, seemingly simple activities like reaching for a box of cereal can require weeks of rehabilitation to achieve,” says Scott Kim, co-founder and CEO of NEOFECT USA, in a media release.

“However, with our Smart Board for Home NextGen, patients can rehabilitate more quickly because they’re more engaged and focused when beating a level than simply repeating an exercise 100 times. At the same time, patients receive measurable physical therapy without leaving their home”

The Smart Board was recently redesigned with a new handle to accommodate the weakened grip of many stroke patients. It also features an attachment that includes more straps to better stabilize the user’s arm, providing a more secure position and ensuring accurate measurement for the post-game metrics, such as range of motion.

NEOFECT also recently updated the solution’s AI-powered algorithm to customize the experience for each patient. Over time, the device learns patients’ strengths and weaknesses and recommends other games accordingly to keep them stimulated and challenged throughout their recovery.

The MedTech Breakthrough awards recognize the innovation, hard work, and success in a range of health and medical technology categories, including patient engagement, medical devices, mobile/telehealth, and more. NEOFECT was chosen as a winner from among 3,500 nominations, according to the release.

For more information, visit NEOFECT.

[Source(s): NEOFECT, Business Wire]