ZetrOZ Systems founder and CEO George Lewis, PhD, spoke at the annual PHATS (Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society) SPHEM (Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers) 2022 Conference, at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in late June.

Speaking to more than 100 professional athletic trainers and equipment managers, Lewis spoke on the use of sam for common soft tissue injuries, clinical research conducted on sam, and actual results from real-world outcomes.

Research indicates that hockey players are at particular risk for low-back injuries, due to the flexed (forward) posture of skating and the frequent hyperextension (backward) stress; soft-tissue injuries, including groin and hip flexor strains, due to the mechanics of the skating stride; and injuries to the medial collateral ligament of the knee because of leg position while skating.

Lewis’ lecture presented a recent clinical study examining the efficacy of sam on soft-tissue injuries in patients who failed to respond to traditional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) therapies. Findings showed that:

  • 95% of patients were able to apply and execute sam treatment;
  • 93% of patients thought sam was very easy to use;
  • 87% of participants experienced an improvement in function and quality of life;
  • 55% were able to return to activity immediately post-treatment;
  • and patients saw a 20% reduction in blood lactate and an improvement in joint function from between 27% to 87%.

“We’re finding that it takes more than RICE to get back on the ice. sam is a non-invasive, non-narcotic alternative to pain and the results speak for themselves,” Lewis said. “Sustained acoustic medicine is well-suited for the type of soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries commonly sustained by hockey players.”

“The trainers and managers were particularly responsive to the device’s ease of use and the rate at which athletes could return to normal activity after treatment,” Lewis said.

The ZetrOZ team also met with members of the Connecticut Whale, a professional women’s ice hockey team based in Danbury, Connecticut, and ZetrOZ sponsoree, to discuss the latest findings and research on sam for musculoskeletal injuries.

ZetrOZ Systems is a Platinum Sponsor of the PHATS/SPHEM 2022 Conference. PHATS/SPHEM boasts over 600 members, representing more than 100 professional, NCAA, and Canadian Junior League teams throughout North America and Europe.

[Source(s): ZetrOZ Systems, Newswire]

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