Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand, announces its boldest product innovation within the Normatec line, Normatec Go. Fully portable and offering mobile dynamic air compression therapy for users on-the-go, it delivers the most unique user experience within the market. Backed by the same science that powers the original Normatec system, the Normatec Go by Hyperice delivers a dynamic air compression massage to the calf muscles to increase circulation while reducing pain and tension in the entire leg.

“The launch of Normatec Go is a milestone moment for the Normatec line, Hyperice’s Go series, and the wellness industry at large,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “Over time, Normatec has developed an incredibly loyal following, especially across the endurance and sports performance channels, where it has become the must have recovery device. Our goal with the Normatec Go was to deliver the same elevated Normatec experience consumers have loved for years, in a new mobile and price accessible form factor. This product is outstanding for travel, pre or post workout on the go, in game usage on sidelines, court side and dugouts, and is for everyone prioritizing health and wellness.”

Massage with Air, Anywhere

Designed for not only the performance athlete but also the everyday wellness enthusiast, the Normatec Go by Hyperice delivers targeted massage for fresh legs on-the-go. With the introduction of Normatec Go, Hyperice adds to its already existing Go line (Hypersphere Mini, Hypervolt Go 2, Vyper Go) and furthers the mission to provide a holistic suite of solutions for more people and in more environments and scenarios, than ever before.

“The goal with Normatec Go was to give people who love the full Normatec system the ability to use a Normatec anywhere they go,” said Hyperice Founder, Anthony Katz. “By making the system much smaller and fully portable, we also made the technology more accessible to a wider landscape of users so more people can benefit from it.”

Features of the Normatec Go by Hyperice include:

  • The elimination of separate units and hoses or wires connecting to the device.
  • Seven levels of targeted pressure to the calf.
  • Three zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression.
  • HyperSync™ technology, allowing the user to mimic the massage pattern automatically or run separate sessions on each leg.
  • Bluetooth® compatibility for connection to the Hyperice App for more customized timing and pressure settings.
  • Up to three hours of battery life on a full charge.
  • TSA approved for carry-on travel, weighing just 1.2 pounds.

The Second Heart

The Normatec Go is designed to be worn on the calves, as they are the natural pump of the lower body and aid in the movement of fluid throughout the entire lymphatic system.

“As we developed the Normatec Go, it was critically important that it delivered holistic benefits to the user while being smaller in size and fully mobile,” said Gilad Jacobs, Hyperice Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Normatec. “By focusing on the calf, we’re able to provide those benefits that are supported with medical evidence. It’s not often discussed how important the calves are to the cardiovascular system, and the Normatec Go will allow users more opportunities to experience the benefits of dynamic air compression therapy as part of their daily routines.”

In the Game

As the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA TOUR, UFC and many other teams and leagues, the Normatec Go will be specifically utilized across the sidelines, benches and dugouts to provide the benefits of dynamic air compression therapy in-real-time during the heat of competition.

“We’re constantly collaborating with our professional sports league partners and elite athletes to deliver best-in-class solutions for the training room, sidelines and at home,” said Huether. “Athletes and weekend warriors alike have used the Normatec Legs daily in their pre and post-game routines for years. With the launch of the Normatec Go, we are now able to offer a first of its kind dynamic air compression solution for all athletes and health minded individuals on the go. We believe this product will be the ‘Hypervolt’ of our Normatec line, as it relates to mass scaleability.”

[Source(s): Hyperice, Business Wire]