The Arthritis Foundation releases the results of “How it Hurts,” a report featuring a collection of data from people with arthritis. In addition, it introduces Vim, its new mobile app, designed to help arthritis patients manage their chronic pain.

‘How it Hurts’ Report

The second annual report showcases key findings from the Arthritis Foundation’s ongoing Live Yes! INSIGHTS study, with responses from nearly 40,000 patients across all 50 states – 20,000 of which were collected from December 2019 to October 2020. Completed in partnership with the Dartmouth Institute Center for Program Design and Evaluation, the study allows the Arthritis Foundation to dig deeper into the root causes of pain and just how much it impacts patients’ abilities to do activities big and small, a media release from The Arthritis Foundation explains.

“While pain is still the number-one challenge facing the arthritis community, the COVID-19 pandemic made managing it all the more difficult. So many patients were unable to partake in activities to help treat their pain, and many were living in fear with already compromised immune systems.”

— Steven Taylor, Executive Vice President of Mission and Strategic Initiatives for the Arthritis Foundation

In particular, this year’s report found patients reported increased feelings of fatigue and worse sleep quality than they did the previous year, and they also had more trouble starting new tasks. Notable statistics also show that arthritis patients experience higher levels of pain than the rest of the population who reports to be in pain. In fact, four out of five arthritis patients experience more difficulties in their ability to function physically than the general population.

Additionally, the report shows that pain disproportionately affects patients due to socioeconomic status, access to care, language barriers and other factors. For example, 83% of patients with a low income (<$15,000 per year) experience moderate to severe impacts on their daily lives, the release continues.

“In order to better serve the entire arthritis community, it’s critical that we hear from patients from underrepresented and underserved populations. Their experiences will help us work to close the gaps in access to and quality of care – and ultimately, shape a brighter future for all people living with arthritis.”

— Steven Taylor

Vim: The New Mobile App

Also launching during Arthritis Awareness Month is Vim, a new app built to give arthritis patients greater power over their pain. The free app will feature a tracking function to help patients set and achieve 6-week goals, along with a community of patient support and encouragement. In addition, the app will provide customized educational resources tailored to a user’s specific condition.

The Foundation developed the app in response to the chronic pain people with arthritis experience every day, according to Taylor in the release.

“By definition, ‘vim’ means energy and enthusiasm, and that’s exactly what the app is meant to be. The app will provide patients with constant companionship and inspiration to take back what pain has stolen from them over the years.”

Vim will be available for iOS and Android devices at a later date.

[Source(s): The Arthritis Foundation, PR Newswire]

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