In a new partnership, Sacramento Eco Fitness is incorporating SportsArt’s ECO-POWR line of spinning bicycles as part of an indoor cycle studio that will use cyclists’ energy generated during workouts to produce utility-grade electricity for the facility.

ECO-POWR equipment is designed to produce energy using a micro-inverter that is similar to the technology found in solar panels and wind turbines. When plugged into a power outlet, a single workout can produce more than 160 watts per hour per unit of electricity, according to a media release from Mukilteo, Wash-based SportsArt.

Sacramento Eco Fitness is reportedly the first fitness center in California dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives such as the use of ECO-POWR bikes to produce electricity. The gym is also planning workout incentives, like reduced memberships for gym members, for people who utilize ECO-POWR bikes.

“For years, I’ve looked for a way to get community members excited about two things: improving their personal health by becoming physically active, and becoming engaged in sustainable practices and eco-friendly programs,” says Jose Antonio Avina II, founder of Sacramento Eco Fitness, in the release.

“With the ECO-POWR equipment, we now have the tools to harness the human kinetic energy generated during each workout – this gives us the potential to power our own building and the surrounding business as well,” he adds.

The ECO-POWR technology not only promotes sustainability practices with their members but helps improve the gym’s bottom line,” states SportsArt Vice President Ivo Grossi, in the release. “We are excited to see the success of our ECO-POWR line in this first sustainable spinning studio and look forward to reaching all eco-conscious gym members across the nation as we expand our partnerships in the coming year.”

[Source: SportsArt]