Myoscience Inc announces the commercial release of its Nerve Stim Enabled Smart Tip 1x90mm, the latest addition to its iovera° system. This tip received FDA 510(k) clearance in early 2018.

The iovera° system is a non-opioid platform technology engineered to help alleviate pain by applying intense cold to targeted nerves via a process called cryoneurolysis. The pain relief is immediate and lasts up to 90 days, the company suggests in a media release.

The iovera° system includes Smart Tips of different configurations to target both superficial and deep nerves. The new Nerve Stim Enabled Smart Tip can be used with most commercially available nerve stimulators to help enhance accuracy in nerve targeting.

For more information, visit Myoscience Inc.

[Source(s): Myoscience Inc, PRWeb]