Designed to complement physical therapy for chronic neck pain, the Xen Pillow 3MC from Xen Pillow Manufacturing Corporation is adjustable to user needs.

The pillow features three removable and adjustable mini cushions that provide pressure points that cradle the neck and head in an optimal position for comfort.

The contoured neck pads are also designed to help keep the pillow’s surface close to the neck to prevent sagging and stress on the joints, and to help relieve muscle tension.

The pillow’s removable and washable fabric cover wicks moisture and heat away from the head at night. In addition, the interior foam helps channel air away from the head while keeping its shape throughout the night.

“The Xen Pillow 3MC is like having a chiropractor or physical therapist making daily house calls. Keeping the head, neck and back in proper alignment is an ongoing process for those with chronic pain, and this pillow guarantees that a night of sleep will never undo any improvements,” says Xen Pillow CEO Marion Holder, in a media release.

For more information, visit Xen Pillow Manufacturing Corporation.

[Source(s): Xen Pillow Manufacturing Corporation, PR Newswire]