Take Me There—Overlook, available now from Morristown, NJ-based Atlantic Health System and Overlook Medical Center, features indoor GPS to help patients and visitors navigate throughout the hospital.

The indoor navigation system, powered by Connexient and its MediNav Digital Wayfinding solution, also features Parking Planner, which directs users to the best parking location, and My Car Saver, which saves the location and then directs users back after their appointment or visit.

“Patients and visitors can be very anxious when they enter a hospital,” says Gerard Durney, director of Operations at Overlook Medical Center, in a media release.  “It can be difficult to remember directions. This patient-focused feature is one of the many services we have in place to help patients find their way, be on time, and, hopefully, be more relaxed.”

Features also include an all-screens version, the ability to also leverage maps and routes on the Internet or kiosks to plan their visits, and to print personalized maps and directions, Durney adds.

“Take Me There—Overlook” is available for free on the App Store and Google play.

[Source(s): Atlantic Health System, PR Newswire]