Neck Assist offers the Ultimate Neck and Back Support System (NABSS), designed to help support the head and neck of those who work overhead.

The lightweight (less than 2 pounds) Neck Assist features a headrest and back bar, both of which are adjustable up and down. It also comes with a washable, removable headrest cover, according to the company’s website.

A media release from the company notes that the Neck Assist device can prevent cervical facet syndrome by limiting the range of motion in the neck while also helping to support the weight of the head.

“Getting hurt on the job costs everyone time and money; even minor pain can be distracting. The Neck Assist makes overhead work safer and easier, so people can get more done without worrying so much about pain and injuries,” states Greg Ely, its inventor, in the release.

For more information, visit Neck Assist.

[Source(s): Neck Assist, PR Newswire]