MuscleSound announces that its ultrasound muscle assessment technology MuscleHealth is now able to assess muscle size, calculate muscle thickness and symmetry, and track muscle progress.

This feature is currently able to determine quadricep thickness, with additional muscle groups rolling out in 2018, the Denver-based company notes in a media release.

“Through our extensive experience of scanning a wide range of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health care patients, we have determined the importance of muscle size and the need to update the current method of measuring it,” says Andy Jackson, president and CEO of MuscleSound, in the release.

“Assessing muscle size is essential for people of all ages and activity levels, as it will help understand performance-related benefits of exercise, track muscle mass progress, and provide early information on muscle loss. We look forward to incorporating this new feature into current and potential client programs and continuing to create new methods for calculating and improving MuscleHealth.”

[Source: MuscleSound]