The three new products recently added to the Mueller Sports Medicine family are: RECOIL Elastic Cohesive Tape, Thor Rigid Cohesive Tape, and the Mueller Face Guard.

The products were officially introduced at Mueller’s booth set up during the National Athletic Trainers’ Association 68th Clinical Symposia and AT Expo, held in Houston, according to a media release from the Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin-based company.

RECOIL Elastic Cohesive Tape is made from a highly elastic thermoplastic elastomer that can stretch up to three times its original length. It is also thin and water resistant.

Thor Rigid Cohesive Tape can be combined with Mueller Tapewrap Premium to create heel locks, figure 8s and seating of strips.

The Mueller Face Guard is designed to protect one’s face from maxillary, nasal, zygomatic, and orbital injuries. It is made from crack/shatterproof, medical-grade polycarbonate, and is made to contour to one’s face.

[Source(s): Mueller Sports Medicine, PRWeb]