Twin Cities Orthopedics recently announced the opening of an advanced sports medicine facility in Eden Prairie, Minn. In addition to a variety of other opportunities for everyday athletes, the facility includes a Golf Medicine Program.

According to a news release from the organization, the golf medicine program is designed to provide a range of support tailored to address a golfer’s individual goals. The combination of certified physical therapists, golf professionals, golf fitness experts, and the advanced Titleist Performance Institute Screen, allows the program to help golfers improve their game and enjoy an injury-free season.

The release notes that individuals work with their certified physical therapist to assess their golf-specific physical limitations to pinpoint asymmetries that may be detrimental to their swing. The use of a high-tech video analysis as a tool to identify physical and mechanical breakdowns is intended to help educate the golfer in how to best address their issues. A golf professional then works with the individual to address specific issues in their swing. The information is combined with a customized exercise regime from the golf fitness experts. The team effort, the release says, aims to allow the golfer to improve both power and consistent ball striking.

Brandon Schomberg, DPT, physical therapist at Twin Cities Orthopedics, states in the release, “The uniqueness of our golf program is that a person gets screened to identify how their body moves, receives lessons from one of our golf pros, and then goes straight into a golf fitness session. Our program also offers an option to consult with a nutritionist to fuel properly throughout the course.”

Troy Simonson, CEO, Twin Cities Orthopedics, echoes Schomberg’s sentiment, adding, “Where we have the edge is in the customized and state-of-the-art care we’re able to offer the general public, no matter their age or level of athleticism.”

The release reports that the Eden Prairie facility will provide additional specialized training in the areas of motion analysis, throwing, return-to-sport strength and conditioning, and nutrition services. The facility is also designed to serve as a key location for run clubs and other sports teams to meet and work out.

Chris Bailey, director of Therapy Services, Twin Cities Orthopedics, articulates the organization’s hope that the public will “come to us as part of their workout regime. We’re a great alternative to a traditional health club. Plus, we offer training plans customized to the individual,” Bailey says.

[Source: Twin Cities Orthopedics]