Wellbe Inc and Kiio Inc, both located in Madison, Wis, announce their collaboration on a combined solution for joint replacement physical therapy.

A media release from Wellbe explains that the kiio FLEX software contains more than 1,500 exercise templates that allows each exercise to be customized, enabling therapists to communicate prescribed range of motion, timing, and force targets to their patients. The software also integrates with the kiio Sensor, a handheld portable wireless device that measures muscle function metrics, allowing physical therapists to assess patients and track their progress through rehabilitation.

Wellbe’s CarePath technology delivers pre-hab and rehab exercises within the context of a patient’s care plan, and includes the Connected Care system, which helps hospitals engage their patients pre- and post-surgery in becoming active participants in their own care, the release continues.

The combined solution offers customizable, automated rehab exercises as part of a comprehensive patient engagement strategy across the continuum of care.

“Studies show that use of preoperative physical therapy in total joint replacement yields a 29% decrease in post-acute care needs, resulting in up to $1200 savings in the average cost of the episode of care,” says Dave Grandin, CEO of Kiio, in the release.

“The combination of Kiio and Wellbe is a perfect fit to mitigate risk and improve care consistent with the new Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model mandated by Medicare to start April 1, 2016,” he adds.

James Dias, CEO of Wellbe, states in the release that, “Recent research published at a prominent orthopedic surgeon meeting showed that therapist prescribed in-home exercise routines are highly effective when adhered to. Collaborating with Kiio allows us to offer the market a best-of-breed hybrid solution for hospitals looking to reduce their costs for post-acute care in value-based payment models.”

For more information, visit Wellbe Inc and Kiio Inc.

[Source: Wellbe Inc]