The PhysioPedal Motorized Exercise Cycle is designed to help people with mobility disorders exercise to improve strength and range of motion.

The PhysioPedal Motorized Exercise Cycle from Nobol is designed to help people with movement disorders improve physical strength and range of motion while reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

The PhysioPedal helps the upper and lower body keep moving, stay active, and engage the cardiovascular system. Designed specifically for seniors, injured, or those in post-surgery rehabilitation, the PhysioPedal has safety features to help provide low-impact exercise at home while sitting on a chair or couch.

The machine can be used in homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals for patients with or without neurological diseases or injuries. It provides a safe environment for those with limited mobility to perform an exercise at their own pace.

The PhysioPedal motorized exercise cycle is an assisted-cycling and cost-effective exercise therapy machine for those with movement disorders. It combines motorized “Forced Exercise” and Assisted-Cycling Therapy (ACT) that works like a physical therapist to improve muscle strength, coordination, balance, and overall mobility.

Cycling therapy can help improve conditions such as cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s, according to the company. It also helps those who have suffered an injury or surgery by providing them with a safe environment to practice their exercises.

The PhysioPedal is portable and easy to carry to assist with recovery, necessary training, and physical therapy anytime and anywhere.

Using the PhysioPedal regularly can help reduce tone and spasticity, increase flexibility, and improve overall health and mobility. It’s designed for those with neurological and mobility challenges and includes customized pedals to ensure safety and security during a workout.

Photo courtesy of Nobol