The question is not whether to run from a wildfire, but whether to run during a wildfire. If you or your clients are runners or simply like to exercise outdoors, there is a risk when doing during wildfires. The smoke from wildfires carries particulate matter that can cause breathing problems in the short term as well as create risk for longer-term health issues.

It’s not just your running performance that could be impacted. The American Heart Association has warned that “exposure to PM2.5 over a few hours to weeks can trigger cardiovascular disease-related mortality and nonfatal events; longer-term exposure (i.e. a few years) increases the risk for cardiovascular mortality to an even greater extent … and reduces life expectancy … by several months to a few years.”

— Wildfire Smoke Is Everywhere In 14 States. Is It Safe to run? Runner’s World

Don’t Know What PM2.5 Means?

Learn how to gauge the risks as well as how to read and understand the Air Quality Index and critical terms such as “PM2.5” in this informative article from Runner’s World.

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