OrthoThermic LLC, Broomfield, Colo, introduces the KoolClam, a thermal pack that can be used hot or cold, on almost every part of the body, then can return to carry mode.

According to the company, the removable internal bladder can be filled with ice or hot water, and is designed to keep cold for 8 hours and stay hot for 4 hours. It can also be swapped with almost any gel or ice pack of similar size up to 10 inches round, oval, or square.

The one-piece, machine-washable Neoprene clam shell is microwaveable to reheat the water without removing the bladder.

A self-contained design featuring a handle and opposing loop helps enable ease of carrying or attaching to backpacks or gym bags.

Via the standard strap system, it can be used on body parts such as the hip and back; the foot, calf, leg, and thigh; the shoulder; and the neck and head.

As a loose pack, it can provide storage space for various small items that users wish to carry along with them. It can also be used as a thermal pillow.

Customization is available for branding purposes.

[Source: OrthoThermic LLC]