Excy introduces the XCR 300, a near-zero footprint upper body ergometer that attaches to any weight lifting power rack or squat stand, as a way to help provide upper body sports conditioning and physical therapy for those with limited mobility and rehab needs.

The adjustable XCR 300, which weighs 12 pounds, is designed to clasps easily to any rack in under a minute, slide up and down the rack for cross training versatility, and offer 2 to 70 pounds of quiet bi-directional resistance.

“One in four US adults lives with a disability, while another 6 in 10 live with at least one chronic disease, often making major life activities challenging, including the ability to exercise,” says Excy founder and CEO Michele Mehl.

Mehl relied on hand-cycling after breaking her leg and getting a blood clot. The experience gave her a small glimpse into the plight of those living with injury, disability, and disease and has shaped Excy’s product development, according to a media release from Excy.

 Among its features are the following, according to the company:

  • Small footprint: (Size while being used: 28L” x 20W” x 7H” with a travel footprint of 28L” x 7W” x 7H”);
  • versatility (it can be used via standing, seated, squatting, and lying-down positions; and foot pedals can be added for recumbent and floor cycling positions from a wheelchair);
  • Active bi-directional resistance: 2 to 70 pounds of resistance easily adjusts on the fly and engages muscles throughout all movements.
  • Wide range of height adjustability: Exercises can be done above the shoulders, below the waist, and everywhere in between.
  • Mobile coaching: The XCR 300 is supported by a vast library of free on-demand physical therapy guided training, live workouts, and mobile coaching through its website and companion mobile applications for iOS and Android.

For more information, visit Excy.

[Source(s): Excy, PRWeb]