PHZIO 3.0 Aims to Help PTs Expand Their Reach

PHZIO 3.0 Aims to Help PTs Expand Their Reach

eWellness Healthcare Corporation announces the launch of version 3.0 of its PHZIO digital treatment platform for the physical therapy and telehealth markets.

PHZIO 3.0 is designed to enable physical therapists to expand their reach to more patients while delivering a better experience than ever before, as well as to control the entire Patient workflow, according to a media release from eWellness.

Among its new features are:

  • A custom patient booking page for every PT to promote their availability
  • Patient pain and location indicators
  • Patient video journaling
  • Real-time booking based on specialist availability
  • Text notifications with secure tokens
  • Full SOAP documentation and charting capabilities
  • New tools to capture objective measures like range of motion and video captures
  • The ability to dynamically create a therapeutic exercise plan and demonstrate the exercises to the patient in real-time
  • Voice to Text notes, making it easier and faster to create patient documentation
  • Patient timeline maps of all patient interactions and activity
  • New and easier-to-use patient interfaces that adapt to the device the patient is using
  • Video messaging between patients and specialists as well as specialist to specialist

PHZIO 3.0 will also support PHZIO’s new Patient Marketplace. This marketplace enables partner enterprises to funnel patients into PHZIO’s virtual care environment under a prenegotiated contract, the release continues.

[Source(s): eWellness Healthcare Corporation, GlobeNewswire]

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