Kinesiology tape brand KT announced its partnership with Boxout, a national distributor to the field of sports medicine. Together, they are introducing the all-new exclusive KT Tape Pro for Sports Med Professionals and building awareness for the KT Tape Mobile App as a tool for sports medicine professionals and their clients.

Designed with clinics in mind, the exclusive KT Tape Pro for Sports Med Professionals is crafted from an ultra-breathable synthetic fabric featuring KT’s adhesive. The new tape will feature a unique, more discreet design for patient use, offering various colors and tones. Available in traditional or bulk sizing with the option of convenient rolls of pre-cut strips, the tape is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and suitable for many patients. 

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As a key distribution partner, Boxout services many verticals from professional, fitness, sports specialty, and B2B through the Boxout divisions: MeyerDC, MeyerPT, Elivate, and MeyerSpa. Through this partnership, KT expects to improve how its customers experience KT Tape products with faster shipping, a flexible eCommerce platform, and a knowledgeable customer service team dedicated to supporting KT and its customers’ unique needs. “The partnership ensures that sports med professionals have access to the best tools in the industry,” says Jessica Klodnicki, KT Tape CEO. “We’ve redefined accessibility, making it easier than ever for health professionals of all types to elevate their practice with the best Kinesiology tape available. With KT Tape Pro, they can use a product trusted by the masses, empowering them to provide superior care.”

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Adds Andy Hinkle, vice president of Boxout, “We are excited to help KT launch its new and innovative product portfolio and expand awareness of the benefits of kinesiology taping. Our collaboration with KT will provide customers with a faster turnaround through our national distribution network across a broad customer base in the health and wellness markets.”

Through this collaboration, KT and Boxout plan to introduce various benefits, such as enhanced delivery options, improved customer support, and exclusive promotions. With the goal to empower sports medicine professionals with the best tools for their practice, ensuring they can provide top-tier care to their clients, the KT Tape Mobile App is an additional resource for professionals and those under their care. It offers a wealth of content, including instructional videos, expert advice, and easy-to-follow guides on taping techniques.