KT, a leading kinesiology tape brand, today launched KT Tape PRO Oxygen – the first kinesiology tape to feature CELLIANT Infrared Technology from Hologenix. This new tape is designed to increase cellular oxygenation and promote muscle support during physical activity.

The CELLIANT fine mineral powder is a natural blend of IR-generating bioceramic minerals. Printed on the tape’s surface, it converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy. This delivers improved cellular oxygenation where tape is applied, bringing more oxygen to the cells and increasing local circulation. Thus, according to the company, KT Tape PRO Oxygen premium kinesiology tape is super-charged to support muscles and joints through physical activity.

“PRO Oxygen is the new flagship product from KT, representing the next generation of kinesiology tape performance, support, and recovery,” says Jessica Klodnicki, KT Tape CEO. “This is the first of several new technologies KT will be bringing to market as part of commitment to enhancing athletic performance and recovery.”

KT Tape PRO Oxygen was designed to allow athletes pushing their physical limits to optimize athletic performance while staying healthy. Its elasticity allows for a full range of motion that rigid tapes do not and helps to lift the skin for a temporary increase in local blood flow. PRO Oxygen incorporates high strength water-resistant adhesive and ultra-breathable PRO synthetic fibers, making it one of the most durable kinesiology tape products on the market.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with KT, who dominate market share when it comes to kinesiology tape, and consider it an honor to boost their best-in-class products with the infrared advantage,” echoes Seth Casden, Hologenix co-founder and CEO.

KT Tape PRO Oxygen is now available online and at retail partners nationwide for $24.99.

For more information or to purchase Pro Oxygen and other KT’s product offerings, visit www.KTTape.com.