An upcoming webinar presented by Spidertech, a provider of clinical kinesiology and athletic tape, will highlight NSM (Neurosensory, Structural, Microcirculatory) microcirculatory taping applications and techniques. The webinar is being offered as part of SpiderTech University, the company’s new education program. SpiderTech University aims to offer the most comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitative taping education and training available to medical professionals.

According to the SpiderTech online course description, NSM therapeutic and rehabilitative taping was developed by rehabilitation professionals as a comprehensive instructional tool for medical professionals using kinesiology tape as an adjunct modality in their practice.

The webinar, titled “NSM: Microcirculatory,” is an overview of application techniques used to create a mechano-disruption in the skin and the associated effects on fluid dynamics in the subcutaneous layers. An emphasis will be placed on applications for bruising and reducing localized swelling due to injury, surgery, or disease.

The online event will be hosted by Karena Wu PT, MS, CSCS, CPI. The webinar will be Thursday, July 10, at 2:00 pm EST. For additional course details or to register for the complimentary webinar, visit

Source: SpiderTech