Denver-based MuscleSound announces its expansion into the sports medicine sector, offering its ultrasound technology to rehabilitation centers, physical therapy clinics, and others.

The technology is engineered to use noninvasive ultrasound to measure one’s muscle health and body composition while tracking and personalizing one’s muscle energy status, lean mass, and biometric imbalances.

Using the technology enables athletes and medical professionals to analyze the muscle’s day-to-day status in real time.

“The expansion into the sports medicine space is a natural step for MuscleSound, given our strong focus on healthcare, and we’re excited to bring our technology to a wide variety of facilities around the country,” says Andy Jackson, president and CEO of MuscleSound.

“Our sports medicine clients are always seeking ways to provide their patients and athletes with an accurate picture into their recovery process and performance readiness, and with MuscleSound, they’re now able to noninvasively access critical muscle health data,” he adds.

[Source: MuscleSound]