With the youth sports market encompassing millions of girls and boys, there is tremendous opportunity to promote a culture of safety while having fun in sports. i9 Sports is committed to instilling healthy behaviors within the youth sports community, especially incorporating concussion education nationwide.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership with TeachAids, i9 Sports will be enhancing their focus on concussion safety by providing the CrashCourse Concussion education to their network of coaches and the parents of the athletes ages 3-14 they serve, a media release from TeachAids explains.

“I had the great opportunity to meet the TeachAids leadership team during my role as Director of Coaching Education at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. After digging deep into their research and development process, I was thoroughly impressed with their rigor and thoughtfulness of producing Netflix quality education videos. The CrashCourse products have dominated the market and we are thrilled to be partnering to bring these high-quality productions to our community of coaches, youth and parents.”

— Chris Snyder, Vice President of Operations, i9 Sports

Breakthrough Technology

TeachAids creates breakthrough technology to solve persistent problems in health education. Their products are designed with input from a team of world-class academics, researchers, medical experts, and athletes associated with leading organizations and institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Mayo Clinic and beyond.

TeachAids has developed “CrashCourse,” a suite of interactive products focused on the prevention and treatment of concussions and related mental health issues for athletes, parents and coaches. CrashCourse products include scientific knowledge to help dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. They also serve as resources for athletic trainers, rehabilitation specialists and physicians, the release continues.

“Our number one priority is to create a fun, safe, and positive sports environment for kids. While the incidence of concussions is extremely low in our programs, we feel we have an obligation to educate kids at an early stage in their sports journey on how to recognize a concussion and the importance of reporting it. Creating that awareness in kids before they engage in heavy contact sports will pre-train athletes to take ownership of protecting their minds and bodies. It’s a critically necessary culture change in youth sports that we are prepared to lead by partnering with TeachAids.”

— Brian Sanders, President and CEO, i9 Sports

Actively Promoting Concussion Education

i9 Sports will be actively providing CrashCourse concussion education throughout their network. The content will be housed on their website and installed onto the i9 Sports Learning Management System, making it accessible to thousands of coaches throughout the country. The CrashCourse products will also be disseminated via i9 Sports’ newsletter to educate the parents of hundreds of thousands of kids. In addition, CrashCourse will be integrated into the newly launched i9 Sports Mobile Coach platform which allows coaches to directly share CrashCourse with athletes and parents.

“Rarely have we seen an organization so committed to investing in youth for the purposes of balancing activity, health, fitness and performance. As a leader in childhood development and sports science, i9 Sports is committed to encouraging youth to embrace their athletic potential and promote sports through an active and healthy lifestyle. We are immensely proud to be partnered with them.”

— Dr. Piya Sorcar, Founder and CEO of TeachAids

To access the CrashCourse concussion education on i9 Sports’ website and app, visit i9sports.com/coaching-resources.

[Source: TeachAids]

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