HitCheck, a mobile app aimed at helping athletes, trainers, coaches, military personnel and active individuals use a cognitive assessment tool, announces that it latest funding round will incorporate public investments via StartEngine.

The HitCheck app enables users to collect comprehensive and objective data on their lifelong brain health, which can then be shared with medical professionals, athletic trainers, and health care providers. Investing opportunities are limited and within the first 60 days, HitCheck has raised over $70,000 in public funding through the popular StartEngine platform.

“As we continue to evolve through market segments we are offering the general public the opportunity to invest in HitCheck” says Mike Piha, CEO and Co-Founder.  “With millions of active individuals at significant risk of cognitive impairment through sports, military and aging our mobile technology is a game-changer to aid in concussion assessment and brain health. Now is the opportunity to join our team and invest today!” 

An estimated 3.8 million sports related concussions occur annually, with many more going undetected. An estimated 69% of athletes report having returned to play while experiencing concussion symptoms, and 50% of US Veterans reported multiple head injuries during service. TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) have been identified as one of the signature injuries of troops wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq, with over 430,000 active-duty military TBIs since 2000. In addition to their emotional burden, the economic burden of TBIs in the US is estimated to be approximately $76.5 billion.

The US market consists of 245 million Americans at significant risk of cognitive impairment including 126 million sports team members, 20.6 million military personnel and veterans, and 98 million Americans Ages 55 years and older. 

HitCheck has secured a key partnership with the NFL Alumni Association and proudly serves the US Department of Defense (DoD) through contracts and grants awarded by the Army and Air Force. 

The HitCheck app is also patented (US Patent #11154227 B2) and is an FDA-registered Class II Medical Device. 

[Source: HitCheck]

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