Firstbeat Technologies Ltd announces an update to the Quick Recovery Test feature in its Firstbeat Sports Monitor player recovery assessment and training readiness tool.

According to the Finland-based company, the test is now faster, easier to perform, and offers more robust results with greater attention to individual player physiology.

“We wanted to put coaches time management in focus and deliver a solution which provides instant and coach friendly information on team readiness within a limited time frame,” says Head of Firstbeat Sports Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, in a media release from the company.

“By combining the latest heart rate variability research and incorporating some great feedback from our current users, we are confident that our new QRT captures information that teams actually need and reports it in a way that makes sense,” Kurunmäki adds.

The test, which now takes only 3 minutes, analyzes a combination of heart rate, heart rate variability, and heartbeat-derived respiration rate. Test results are expressed as a QRT-score which can range from 0-100% (0-30% poor, 30-70% moderate, 70-90% good, and 90-100% excellent recovery). These scores are adaptively scaled to the individual based on the average and standard deviation of the athlete¹s personal measurement history, the release explains.

Application of the test could provide early warning of athlete fatigue or overtraining, or could provide guidance as to what aspects of an athlete’s training may need additional attention.

For more information, visit Firstbeat Technologies Ltd.

[Source: Firstbeat Technologies Ltd]