USA Archery officially announces a partnership with TeachAids, joining 21 other US Olympic and Paralympic Committee National Governing Bodies.

TeachAids creates technology to solve persistent problems in health education. Their products are designed with input from a team of academics, researchers, doctors, and athletes associated with organizations and institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, and Mayo Clinic, among others.

TeachAids has developed “CrashCourse,” a suite of interactive products focused on the prevention and treatment of concussions and related mental health issues. CrashCourse products include scientific knowledge to help dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. This education has been designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about head injuries. They also serve as resources for athletic trainers, rehab specialists and physicians.

“Although archery is not an activity in which participants normally sustain concussions, we are proud to stand by our fellow sports of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee in a show of solidarity for the need to educate our athletes and coaches about this invisible injury,” states Guy Krueger, USA Archery Education and Training Manager. “Top-flight education can make all of sport safer, and the concussion education provided by TeachAids does just this.”  

Dr. Piya Sorcar, CEO of TeachAids says, “Concussions are a large challenge facing so much of the sports world. We are honored to have the support of USA Archery as we work together to educate our young people, parents and coaches to gain a better understanding of this injury. Collectively, we hope to help make sport safer and more enjoyable for all”.

Krueger added: “Our partnership with TeachAids shows our responsibility and commitment to putting safety first for our athletes. Many of our young archers play multiple sports and if all coaches have some basic understanding of concussion protocols, it could help to create more awareness around this important topic.”

[Source: TeachAids]

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