Comprehensive Concussion Care (C3) and Brain Fitness Centers of Florida are the latest specialty care facilities to onboard the virtual reality-based EYE-SYNC system to support the growing needs of patients in their local area, SyncThink announces.

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida provides individualized cognitive rehabilitation programs serving patients with a loss of brain function, mild cognitive impairment and early dementia. It also specializes in diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury.

The Centers focus on creating customizable cognitive training programs that can be taught in a one-on-one setting and modified as needed to best suit the patient’s needs. These programs are based on the extensive clinical and research efforts of its Founder, Dr Stephen Scranton.

“We at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida are excited to implement EYE-SYNC to assess brain trauma and age-related neurophysiologic and neuroanatomic dysfunction. It will add a valuable methodology for data collection needed in the diagnosis and post treatment assessment of therapy,” Scranton comments in a media release from Palo Alto, Calif-based SyncThink, creator of the Eye-Sync technology.

C3, located in the Kansas City area, specializes in the multi-system approach to concussion management. It uses an extensive evaluation process to identify the source of concussion-related symptoms, allowing for an individualized treatment program to target the dysfunctions identified in the evaluation. It works closely with other community-based clinicians to guide return to learn and return to play in a safe and effective manner.

“It has been said that the eyes are the gateway to the brain. This is certainly true for concussion patients who often struggle with ocular pain, visual impairment, light sensitivity, or eye movement dysfunction after a head injury. For clinicians treating concussion, this requires training and understanding of the ocular system and how to best manage visual sensory-motor dysfunction,” said Tim Kalkman, PA-C, Co-founder of C3, the release continues.

“Our partnership and use of the EYE-SYNC platform now provides us the ability to utilize objective assessments and clinic-based vision training options for our patients, and to more readily advance them to a full recovery,” he adds.

EYE-SYNC uses high speed, high-fidelity infrared cameras to capture subtle eye movements, many of which cannot be observed through a standard clinical evaluation. Depending on the type of eye movement, a clinician can utilize this objective analysis to decipher between brain systems involved that may be performing poorly or are impaired.

It was recently designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Device for aid to concussion assessment, recognizing the potential to solve an important unmet need, per the release.

[Source: SyncThink]