The Utah Automobile Dealers Association, in conjunction with the non-profit organization Mobility for Kids, recently donated more than 100 Pumper Cars, as well as adaptive physical education programming, to school districts throughout Utah.

“They finally have this freedom they’ve never had,” said Jill Droubay of Rob Droubay Chevrolet, among the dealerships that spurred the movement to donate.

“Suddenly the school bell rang and kids came pouring out into the hallway where the special needs kids were riding the Pumper Cars and they just cheered these kids on. They were the stars finally and they loved it,” she adds, in a media release.

“When I created the Pumper Car, I had no idea this would affect so many kids,” Pumper Car creator Mike Jones shares. “When a child gets into the cars it’s like their limitations are lifted in that moment. This is literally changing lives.”

The Pumper Car is designed to benefit children with special needs that include conditions ranging from ADHD and spectrum disorders to cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. It is powered by rowing motion that requires kids to use their legs and arms, which in turn could help develop core muscles. Further use may help improve speech development, fine motor skills, endurance, and other physical capabilities. In addition, the total body workout could help to redevelop muscles and restore join mobility, per the release.

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