MākuSafe launches Motion Explorer, a new feature in its environment, health & safety (EHS) analytics software that aims to provide safety professionals, ergonomists, and risk managers with the data they need to uncover potential hazardous motion issues among workers before they become serious injuries.

Hazardous motion and ergonomic injuries, like musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), are responsible for a large portion all workers’ compensation costs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Motion Explorer provides the data companies need to better understand and evaluate motions and take corrective action before an injury causes a worker to seek medical attention or lose days of work.

Visualize Worker Effort Expended Over Time

Motion Explorer is designed to deduce the intensity of a worker’s effort expended and arrive at conclusions about the level of potential impact on them for each day. The worker is then ranked and their physicality is compared against other workers. This is accompanied by a list of contributing indicators and data, including types of movement, where it happened and when it happened.

Easily Compare Multiple Data Sets

Motion Explorer, like the rest of the MākuSmart dashboard, enables filtering so it becomes easy to see data points such as:

  • Overall physicality of an individual worker or group of workers by role
  • Which workers rank highest in terms of effort expended
  • How they compare to others, who for example, may do the same job.

MākuSafe gathers data important to understanding risks before incidents occur, all with a high degree of concern for worker privacy not collecting anything personal or biometric.

[Source(s): MākuSafe, PRWeb]