Worksite pain management program provider DORN now offers PeakPerformance, a program in which DORN-trained and credentialed physical therapists travel to the worksite to perform one-on-one pain relief and therapy.

The program’s aim via enabling early intervention is to help pre-empt the need for doctor’s visits or more involved physical therapy, thereby helping to reduce medical and workers’ compensation claims, explains a media release from DORN.

Each 15-minute session is designed to address the employee’s specific discomfort or soreness issue.

The standard program provides up to four onsite visits, after which each employee is provided with a self-treatment and pain management plan; companies or employees can opt for more onsite visits if needed. For constant or chronic pain, DORN offers PainRelief, an onsite program comprised of more intensive 30-minute sessions, per the release.

“We have seen great adoption rates of the new offering so far, and the pilot programs have produced excellent results in achieving self-reported higher productivity, a significant reduction in medication usage, and overall high morale,” says Kevin Lombardo, president of DORN, in the release.

For more information, visit DORN.

[Source(s): DORN, PRWeb]