InHome Therapy, a “Home Therapy as a Service” (HTaaS) provider, is preparing to expand into three new states and double its full-time therapist count to 600 by the end of the year, it reports.

The spike in labor challenges arrives at a critical time for the home health industry, when an aging baby boomer population is causing a surge in demand for in-home therapy services. In an effort to close that gap between increased demand and decreased practitioners, most traditional staffing agencies act as traditional brokers, identifying qualified therapists and assigning them to patients. That strategy has proven ineffective, which is why InHome Therapy stands to disrupt the industry with its relationship- and community-oriented model, which invests in training therapists and providing ongoing support throughout their careers, according to a news release.

“InHome really does things differently than staffing agencies,” said Kristie Kamps, Chief Clinical Officer with InHome Therapy. “It’s a much more supportive culture, and we are instituting a number of infrastructural advancements that are setting us apart from anything that could be considered a competitor. We offer ongoing training and continuing education, and most importantly, the senior team really listens carefully to the needs of the therapists in the field. That’s going to continue to be the difference-maker moving forward.”

Most physical therapy providers hire therapists by contract from a variety of providers, widening their pool of available practitioners at any given time, but Jonathan Gaspar, a Clinical Director with InHome Therapy, says he’s seeing an increasing number of clients who use InHome Therapy as their only provider. “Most providers don’t have a clinical director, so our ability to solve challenges for and with them is an enormous value-add,” he said.

Beyond the added support InHome Therapy offers its therapists, Gaspar says much of the company’s success comes down to a renewed sense of purpose the company provides for therapists.“There is so much burnout in this industry, and it’s hard to overstate the value of the community that we provide,” he said. “When a therapist visits patient after patient, it can become a routine, and you can lose the sense of purpose that brought you to this line of work in the first place. But we emphasize that purpose at every opportunity, and we do it not just by telling but by showing. We know that if we take the best care of our therapy team, they will turn around and show that same care to their patients.”

According to InHome Therapy CEO Matt Murphy, a major concern for professional therapists is a lack of career development opportunities, something InHome Therapy was designed specifically to address.“Everyone, regardless of their line of work, wants an environment in which they can learn and grow and reach the next stage of their career, but traditional therapist staffing agencies don’t provide anything like that, and I think that’s at the crux of the retention crisis the industry is seeing now,” he said. “We developed InHome specifically to offer a way for therapists to grow and become even better at what they do, which is going to make them happier, more confident and far less likely to switch careers.”

As InHome Therapy grows into new states, it is actively seeking to hire therapists who align with its purpose.

“We’re proud to have hired some of the most talented and passionate professionals in this industry, and we can’t wait to build on that momentum,” Murphy said. “As the first HTaaS solution in the market, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and we’re excited to do it with talented professionals who genuinely care about our purpose and have a strong desire to grow in their careers and provide exceptional care to patients.”

[Source(s): InHome Therapy, PRWeb]