PT Management Support Systems offers the webinar, “Creating a PT/OT Bonus Plan That Works for Your Practice,” on Wednesday, April 19, from noon to 1 PM EST.

During the webinar, Cary B. Edgar, JD, president of PT Management Support Systems, will explain the pros and cons of implementing a productivity-based bonus plan for physical therapists/occupational therapists, and how to create and implement it.

Questions he will address will include: What is the typical compensation package for PT/OT providers and how does a bonus plan fit into this package; What risks need to be addressed before and after implementing a bonus plan; Should bonuses be determined on a group or individual basis; and What factors should be used to determine bonus amounts?

Additional questions addressed during the webinar will include: How often should bonuses be paid—monthly, quarterly, annually; Should PT/OT support staff members be included in the bonus plan; Should PT/OT Directors be bonused differently and, if so, how; and What are examples of bonus plans that work?

Registration is $150. For more information and to register, visit PT Management Support Systems.

[Source(s): PT Management Support Systems, PRWeb]